late night noodle

I often have to be reminded that a tasty meal doesn’t always have to be a complicated process or hour in the kitchen. As I’ve been working more closing shifts lately, I find… Continue reading

local pasta

Last Friday was Valentines Day. Now, I don’t need a specific day to remind myself to show my lovely partner that I care and think about her. But, they holiday is an excuse… Continue reading

NWA review: fayetteville pastry shop

Recently, a Facebook friend posted a picture similar to this: Yeah, that looks like some pastry deliciousness. So, when I found myself in Fayetteville on Monday, I decided to head on over to… Continue reading

kitchen help

Tonight I had some kitchen help. He was eager to jump in.

our stovetop microwave

Many years ago now (perhaps 2010), we simply did away with our microwave. In truth, we hadn’t used it very much anyway, possibly because my love of frozen burritos and instant ramen had… Continue reading

vegetarian chili victory

There are a few dishes that I’ve never been convinced work as completely as vegetarian dishes. Sure, you can make it vegetarian, but a few dishes just cry out “This is good and… Continue reading

Altus 2014

I’ve written before that Altus, AR is one of my favorite little towns and where I get together with one of my dearest (and perhaps longest?) friends. So, it seems fitting to restart blogging with… Continue reading

Hanging out

This AM, Shu sent me a text: “Be careful when you close the front door. There is a bug under the door knob.” I went out to find this: We’re really careful with… Continue reading

Technophyte Growth

Wow, it is hard to believe that nearly a month (well, actually the entire month of Feb) has past since I posted last. I used to be really good about posting, but we’ve… Continue reading

Comfort [with] food

It is remarkable how “easy” something can become. Two or three years ago, I butchered a turkey. Carving it, with beautiful slices, was out of the question. Instead, it was a chunked mess… Continue reading